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         16 July 2022          Danny R.

Your thoughts: results

About a week ago I asked this question (with rounded results):

Do you think Net Zero by 2050 is:

👉 Totally achievable (46%)

👉 Possible, but unlikely (48%)

👉 A complete pipe dream (2%)

👉 I still don't really get it (4%)

We're a split crowd!

Good to see that it's mostly optimism though, and perhaps some more work to do around what this all means, and how we can realistically achieve it... see if we can get the majority right to the top 😁

I'd say 10 years ago, the big numbers would have been towards the bottom. There's been a sizeable shift in solutions, awareness, and I reckon a bit of cool factor as well.

I remember many years back when Arnold Schwarzenegger had one of his Hummers converted to Bio fuel, people said things like he's going soft, his masculinity's taking a hit, he'll never get a job as a tough guy again (I'm pretty sure this was before Twitter, but stupid people had already been invented by then).

Fast forward, and a humble electric Tesla is one of the most desirable cars on the market. Not saying vehicles are a gauge for everything climate related, but I would say that it's all mostly moving in the right direction 👍

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