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Your 10-year plan

Danny Ruspandini - Impact Labs Australia
Danny R.

If your organisation set a 10 year vision today, that puts you at 2032 - 2 years after we need to have halved global emissions. Your plan needs to incorporate climate solutions.

What might you include in that plan?

Consider things that might be too big to do immediately, but that are much more easily achieved in 5-10 years. Thing like:

  • Switching your fleet to electric vehicles (the number of charging points around Australia is constantly growing - install some on your property as an income stream).
  • Installing solar... Or joining a community solar minigrid like Totally Renewable Yackandandah (or start your own minigrid!).
  • Replacing your overseas suppliers with local ones to reduce, or completely detonate your transit footprint
  • Alter your manufacturing processes to use alternative materials that aren't made from petrochemicals, fossil fuels, single use plastic, and other harmful materials.
  • Replace your packaging suppliers with those using natural materials... They're often better in a lot of ways!
  • Audit your supply chain to isolate any occurrences of modern slavery (still a very real thing even in Australia), or help find ways to fix it.
  • Create a new solution to an existing problem - eg: can you turn a particular type of waste into something valuable like Good Citizens Sunglasses have done?
  • Understand the role of carbon offsetting and buying carbon credits, and make it part of your impact plan, rather than your whole plan.

What'd I miss?

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