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Danny Ruspandini - Impact Labs Australia
Danny R.

Can financial services be eco-conscious?

What can an accountant do to be more "green", they just count beans right?

Rather than simply telling you to open a bank account with one of the big 4 banks because they're pretty much the same - how would you react if your accountant recommended a specific bank for a specific reason? Like if they said "open an account with Bank Australia - they only support for-good projects, no fossil fuels, and they own a conservation reserve that you become part-owner of when you're a customer".

What if they could also recommend several ethical superfunds, where your money is actually put towards regenerative projects, and also help you choose the right one?

What if they said that they not only offset their emissions, but they offset several times that by supporting tree planting or kelp growing projects?

What if they said they pay their remote team well above the industry standard and provide unlimited training for all of their staff?

What if they said that they donate a significant percent of their profits and by by working with them, you're helping to fund aid, education, and regenerative projects through various programs they support.

Would you be more inclined to work with them?

A business like this is sending clear signals that it's not there to just make money. They consider their customers - you - as well as their staff, the greater good, and of course their own profits, as key stakeholders in their organisation.

Simon Sinek is famous for several quotes, one of them is "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."

There are lots of accountants. There are lots of banks. There are lots of options for everything, so why choose one over the other?

There are probably other organisations like yours. Why should anyone choose you?

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