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         13 July 2022          Danny R.

What'll be your legacy?

I love talking to business leaders who want to build climate considerations into their future planning.

It's almost always for a future they won't be around to see, but there's something else that motivates them - whether it's guilt for the way the world is, or a fear for what their young families will grow up into, or something else, I'm not quite sure.

I think about my parents and grandparents, and how we all talk about what they did and all they accomplished with such fondness. Talking with a business leader makes me think of their family decades from now, talking about them fondly long after they're gone.

It also makes me think about the people who are working in destructive industries - building coal mines, funding coal mines, manufacturing pesticides and synthetics that are now known to cause harm. Invading countries. That's going to be their legacy.

Have you thought about what you're building now, and what stories will remain after you've moved on from here?

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