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Tiny signals

Danny Ruspandini - Impact Labs Australia
Danny R.

You may have seen me mention that Everything you do and don't do becomes a part of your brand - I’m a bit of a broken record with it.

Today I received an email from a new client which is a great example of this, all it said was:

"Good to see someone else using Bank Australia! That’s the first payment to a ‘good’ bank that we have made 😉"

Bank Australia is a customer-owned bank that, as they outline in their Responsible Banking Policy, supports for-good initiatives like renewable energy and inclusivity, and doesn’t invest in industries that big banks typically support like fossil fuel or weapons. (No affiliation other than being Bank Australia customers). I made an intentional decision to switch all of our banking to them a couple years ago - their values very much align with mine.

The fact that our client spotted that, and was compelled enough to send an email about it, means that even our choice of bank has now become part of our brand.

Your choice of bank, or your super, or other providers you use, are details that might mostly be overlooked.

But some people are actually looking for tiny signals like that to help them decide who they want to work with - think about if you've ever had a reaction to something small like that from a company you considered a purchase from.

Does it make you think about the tiny signals you might be sending, intentionally or not?

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