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Avoiding bias with your rebrand

Danny Ruspandini - Impact Labs Australia
Danny R.

In most cases, the decision to rebrand your organisation should not be made on the advice of a creative agency.

Why? Because where there’s motivation, there’s bias.

As I say a lot, I have nothing against creative agencies, they’re critical in the rebranding process.

If you’re considering a rebrand, this is a common way people decide - but I believe it’s the wrong order, and missing some key steps:

  1. Acknowledge something’s changed
  3. Rebranding is an option
  4. Decide to rebrand
  5. Rebrand →

Talking to the creative agency should come after the decision to rebrand has been made:

  1. Acknowledge something’s changed
  2. Seek unbiased opinion
  3. Rebranding is an option
  4. Consider alternatives
  5. Decide to rebrand
  7. Rebrand →

Rebranding presents more than a small amount of risk to your organisation. That risk should be a measured consideration based on the benefit it will bring to your organisation, not the prestige it offers to the creative agency.

Where do you get an unbiased opinion?

Find someone who would have nothing to gain or lose from your rebrand.

  • Not a stakeholder.
  • Not a board member.
  • Not a team member who’ll be part of the rebranding team.
  • Not a supplier who will be hired in the process.

Instead, try:

  • A trusted business advisor
  • A friend with good business awareness
  • Another business owner who has rebranded their organisation and can speak from experience

And if you can’t find any of those, hit reply - I’d love to chat it through with you.

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