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Danny Ruspandini - Impact Labs Australia
Danny R.

Nicole Kleid Small is an Investment Director at Rampersand. She wrote an article about how even though she doesn't consider herself a “greenie”, she believes now is the time to invest in Climate Tech.

In other words, she wants to give lots of money to people with awesome climate tech ideas.

A few quotes from her article:

I see low carbon solutions that maintain or even improve our standard of living playing a huge role in our shift to a lower carbon economy.”

Good point - many people see climate friendly solutions as inconvenient, when a lot of them are actually better than the current options.

Even through my designer sunglasses, I can see the imperative to make changes to the way we use our planet.”

...did you spot the opportunity? Climate friendly designer sunglasses - who said climate isn't sexy? There are opportunities everywhere.

But there are and will be many startups that need seed stage funding to get their ideas/technologies to market. I want to meet with those early stage startups solving for our future.”

Bring her your ideas - there's money to be made.

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