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         27 June 2022          Danny R.

No more gut punches

I was going to share a graphic here today which showed what might happen if the planet we're to go above a 2 or 3 degree rise in global temperature (hint - it's not good) but a short series of events changed my mind.

I was on LinkedIn—which I rarely spend more than 5-10 minutes at a time on—and in that short time, I saw 4 truly horrible stories that others had shared that was like taking 4 direct punches to the gut. It made me realise something.

There's a lot of bad news. There are a lot of causes to support. There are awareness campaigns that I want to give my attention to.

But seeing so many bad news stories, like really truly horrible things all at once like that, made me realise I don't have the faintest desire to contribute to it.

I'll support the causes and follow the awareness campaigns - but Impact Labs set out to be about finding solutions, not just sharing problems.

When I decided to go down the climate solutions path in 2020, that was the goal. To provide solutions to climate problems; help find opportunities hiding inside the threats; and bring optimism where there is typically just bad news. And not just blind optimism, but the data-backed kind that shows there is good reason to be optimistic.

So if any of my emails have struck you as negative, pessimistic, or doomsday-ish, I apologise.

It's all about practical, actionable, realistic solutions here. If I ever share anything that is bad news, my promise is that it'll be accompanied with something you can do about it.

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