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Danny Ruspandini - Impact Labs Australia
Danny R.

Remember back in school when you had months to put a project together, and ended up hammering the whole thing out the night before?

The 2020’s are the night before. Your due date is 2030.

50 years ago...

Back in the 1970’s, an Aussie uni lecturer called John Bockris was one of a few people to realise the thing we now call “Climate Change”, was happening in the exact form that it’s happening now (too much carbon in the air). In his words:

“Humans are now producing carbon dioxide at a faster rate than it can be absorbed by plants through photosynthesis, and so it’s building up in the atmosphere. Now, it can be shown that that does unfortunate things to our atmosphere. To put it very briefly, it makes the climate change."

1970. How many problems could you ignore for 50 years before doing something about it? (By you, I mean the govt... but let’s not wait for them anymore).

Our projects are due

The climate solutions that have been floating around in your head, or that are waiting to be uncovered - they're due now, and it’s time to get cramming.

Thankfully - just like at school - there are people who didn’t wait til the night before and have been working on their projects for a long time.

One thing that is different to school though, is we’re actually allowed to borrow their notes and get help with our projects without getting busted (sorry for stretching the school metaphor).

Ready to tackle some climate issues?

👉 Quick reminder that I'm looking for 3 organisations - we're trialling a new workshop format to uncover and explore unique opportunities for your specific company and industry, that you can implement as part of your 2030 agenda.

If you'd like to talk one-on-one about the climate opportunities that your organisation can jump on over the next few years, please fill out the very short form here.

Workshops will be held during the week commencing May 9th.

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