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Danny R.

As we move towards a net-zero planet in 2050, a lot of solutions will be transitional.

Hybrid cars are a perfect example of this.

Going from fossil fuels to electric might be an extreme jump for some, especially here in Australia where the infrastructure has been a slow roll-out.

Such a dramatic change to something we’ve been used to forever can be daunting. Imagine running out of charge on the freeway - you can’t exactly hike the servo and get a few litres of electricity to get you home.

Hybrids are a totally awesome and accepted transitional technology, that by some estimates will make up less than 1% of the car market in 2050. The rest will be electric - that’s almost 30 years to figure out the freeway issue.

Our businesses are all hybrids

Whatever small steps we make towards reducing out emissions are good ones. As long as we keep our aim firmly on net-zero, the steps we take now will make the transition much easier.

I can see a point before 2050 where net-zero is a completely normal thing. Some of us may not even realise we’ve achieved it - the options around power, transport, food and business will all be low or zero impact. There will be so many options, that we won’t have to choose the one net-zero option in a sea of... other options.

Open Discussion Reminder

I’ll be holding an open discussion about the opportunities around climate for our businesses in the coming weeks - if you’d like to hear more about this, feel free to register your interest here. This isn’t an RSVP - you’re merely letting me know you’re interested in knowing more about it, which at most will result in a few extra emails. No date has been set yet, but it'll be sometime in April.

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