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         28 July 2022          Danny R.

Earth Overshoot Day

Every year, there's a day deemed "Earth Overshoot Day" which marks the date in the year where as a planet, we've used 1-earth-worth of biological resources that can be regenerated in a year.

In 1971 (the first E.O.D), that date fell on December 25th.

This year, it's today - July 28th 2022.

That means at this rate, we'll need around 1.75 "earths" worth of bio resources to sustain our way of living, just for this year.

That date needs to get back to Dec 31st or even later, which is completely possible. We'll get there, but changes need to happen in a lot of places.

I've said before that I hate sharing crappy news - there are many ways to cut an orange, so I see Earth Overshoot Day as just another way of saying "we're using too much stuff".

If this sounds like more doom and gloom, flip the script - how can you reduce what you use, or even better - can you put your regenerative business hat on and actually improve the community around you?

Go here for some inspiration.

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