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Climate due diligence

Danny Ruspandini - Impact Labs Australia
Danny R.

To stay on top of trends, news, and emerging topics in the climate tech space, most weeks I take a look at:


I found Climate Salad a while back by Googling how many EV charging stations there were in Aus, and found a number of startups listed in their directory. The second two were recommended by a colleague as a goldmine of resources and how-to's.

I also use more generic search terms in Google like "climate tech", "regenerative business" and "SDGs" just to see what comes up as the most recent thing.

So now that I've shared those... I'd say don't listen to me - do some Googling and find sources you like.

Why? Because while I would love for us all to be on the same page as far as what's needed for the climate situation, we all need to do our own due diligence. There are voices and websites I trust for their expertise, but they can't know everything. I don't rely entirely on a single source, and neither should you.

The one thing that can no longer be argued, is that the climate crisis is undeniably a real thing. Anyone who says it's not likely has some interest in harmful practices, or just doesn't have their radar tuned into it yet.

So one person recommending what we should all be reading (assuming anyone listens to silly old me) has the potential to create an echo chamber, and we don't need more of those.

That said, if you DO want a recommendation to supplement your own research from one person doing his own due diligence, I love as a resource library.

Hope that helps.

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