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3 bits of good news for Mamma Earth

Danny Ruspandini - Impact Labs Australia
Danny R.

I’ve never intended for this newsletter to look like a news feed, but there were some truly awesome stories I came across this week that show just how diverse the approaches to enviro sustainability can be.

Italy says protecting the planet should be law, so they just did it

Italy has made safeguarding the environment part of its constitution. Part of the law states that “private industry and private economic initiatives must not damage health and the environment”. Very cool.

How this will play out over the next few years will be interesting to watch, but what an amazing and progressive step.

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Norway smashes it’s EV record

Norway hit a stellar record in Jan 2022 - just under 84% of new cars registered were electric vehicles. Hybrids were at around 11%, meaning petrol and diesel only made up less than 5%.

Huge jump from a year ago - in Jan 2021 their EV registrations were 53%.

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Zero waste, earth friendly robots!

A research team built 3D-printed robots out of 100% biodegradable 3D printing ink - made from gelatin and sugar!

They’ve said the squishy robots could be valuable for things like surgeries - the soft bodies can be reused and reshaped up to 5 times, then completely dissolve without a trace.

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