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Danny Ruspandini - Impact Labs Australia
Danny R.

I’ve mentioned many, many that starting an impact program can be as simple as adding a page to your website.

As you browse around the web, you might come across "sustainability" or "our impact" links in the footers of websites you visit. If not, below are a few worth checking out for inspiration.

There’s a mix of product and service companies, and some are more comprehensive than others proving that it doesn’t take much to declare your intentions.

I've shared this exact list before - the reason I'm sharing it again is because almost every one of these impact programs has evolved since I last looked at them. For me this signals two things:

  1. It proves that declaring your sustainability intentions, even if you haven't achieved them yet, is worthwhile because people will notice when your intentions become your reality
  2. Creating positive impact is a journey. No one is perfect out of the gate, so it makes no sense to wait until everything is just right before starting your impact program (for the record, no company in existence is doing any of it perfectly!)

Hopefully these give you some ideas for getting started:

» Seed & Sprout (products)

» Serversaurus Web Hosting (services)

» Good Citizens Recycled Sunglasses (products)

» Treak Real Estate (services)

» Door Mates Doormats (products)

There really are no entry requirements for this! Start now, reap the benefits, and enjoy the journey ✌️

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