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Can you afford to spend the next 2 years on your rebrand?

Learn the steps to determine whether a rebrand is right for you, plus 6 alternatives to rebranding you could do instead.
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Rebranding projects can be drawn out and expensive.

Many organisations will spend well into 6 figures across all their suppliers on a rebrand, even if they hadn’t budgeted anywhere near that amount.

Add in multiple locations, and a poorly planned rebrand is bound for disaster.

Rebranding can be attractive for the change it offers, but is definitely not the right move for everyone.

In many cases, there’s an alternative path that might be better suited to your situation – and far less destructive.

If you’re about to greenlight a full scale rebrand and still aren’t crystal clear on the reason why, it could cost you:
  • Years of your organisation’s time
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Valuable team members
For what may amount to little more than a facelift.

Before diving in, can you definitively answer:

  • Your reason for rebranding?
  • The outcome you expect?
  • The worst case scenario should it all go wrong?
  • Your resources, and gaps if any?
  • Whether you can realistically allow for the time & spend anticipated?
  • How to rebrand with the lowest overall impact on your team, as well as your sustainability goals?

If not, grab your free copy of the guide.

Get crystal clear on whether a rebrand is right for your organisation, and the alternatives that are available to you.

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Resources and tools for efficient rebranding in line with your sustainability goals.
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