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Danny Ruspandini - Impact Labs Australia
Danny R.

I’m often encouraging organisations to publish a page of sustainability goals and achievements on their website because I believe it’s an awesome, low-barrier way to declare your good intentions.

Something that very few organisations are brave enough to do though (ourselves included, and we plan to be better with this) is declaring where they still need improvement.

Patagonia are often referenced as a star-child for sustainability. They constantly skirt a tricky line of selling more products, while encouraging people to buy less stuff.

As a company who is leading on many fronts, they admit in their Footprint Chronicles that their sustainability is nowhere near perfect (an interesting graphic from 2011 found here is a really great demonstration of transparency).

It’s a great reminder of how imperfect this whole “going green” thing can be.

Patagonia are one of the companies doing it best, and they’re not perfect by any means - but if you plan to start a sustainability program of your own, theirs is a great one to take inspiration from.

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