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How to start an Impact Program

Danny Ruspandini - Impact Labs Australia
Danny R.

Want to start an impact for your organisation? Here's one way to do it:

1. Make a Declaration

Publish your sustainability achievements and policies, but also your goals, on a page on your website.

2. Clean up your own backyard

Make real steps towards the goals you've set, and update your Impact page regularly with your progress.

3. Hold others to account

Clients, suppliers, advisors - everyone you work with becomes a part of your supply chain (and you become part of theirs). Have conversations with them, understand where they're at in their own Impact journey. Can you support them? Are they indifferent? Make a call about whether you'll stick with them, or find someone new.

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    We respect the Elders of the past, our current Elders and the Elders we are building for our future. May we all continue to look after Wangal, Eora and surrounding lands.
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